About Exsila

Exsila is a movie exchange where you can easily swap your DVDs and Blu-rays with other members. Using Exsila is free, legal and secure.

David «I've been using Exsila for some time now. There are a large number of buyers on the platform. Sooner or later you're able to sell almost anything.»

Alexander Neidhart «Exsila is a great platform for movies and other things you want to swap. The Exsila system works flawlessly and is very safe. Customer service replies promptly and professionally.»

Peter Egloff «Thanks to Exsila I can make more space; my surplus DVDs, books, comic books and much more, I can sell for points and buy new things.»

What are Exsila points?

Exsila users use "Exsila points" to trade with each other.

This makes it a unique experience. It feels like swapping with friends and family!

Our philosophy

We live in a consumption driven society. Overproduction, tons of garbage, our apartments stuffed with things we do not need. It gets worse every year!

The mission of Exsila is to redistribute this huge amount of unused goods. Why? Because it's the right thing to do. And because it reduces waste and overproduction.

  • Exsila is a movement, a philosophy of life.
  • Join us: Get rid of your unsused things.
  • Together we will change the world!

How it works

  1. Sign up for free
  2. Claim your free movie
  3. Your free movie will be sent to you by mail
  4. List your unused items
  5. For each item that is ordered, you are paid with Exsila points

«Ich love Exsila! In 2006 I was one of the first members, and was immediately a big fan of the idea.

In 2014 I've taken over the CEO position. As a kid, I sold at flea markets. My civilian service was at a social second hand shop. If possible I buy a things used. I love efficiency and sustainability.

My dream is to establish "swapping" as a real alternative. »

Remo Uherek

CEO, Exsila.ch

What does "Exsila" stand for?

"Exsila" is a combination of "exchange" and "sila", which describes the all-embracing intelligence in the Inuit language. Thus, Exsila means "intelligent exchange".