Meet the team

Exsila is run by a small and highly enthusiastic team. We love our product!

Remo Uherek


Makes all important decisions and defines the vision for Exsila.

Remo commits himself wholeheartedly and with lots of creativity to the well-being of our community, while making sure that all trains run on time.

Tobias Baumgartner

Head of Customer Support

Tobias is our allrounder. He primarily makes sure that you will get all necessary support in any given situation.

In addition to that, he serves as the link between marketing, development and customer support.

Crina Doltu

Customer Support

Are you experiencing difficulties with your account, a trade or simply have a question?

Crina will help you efficiently and professionaly by email or chat. There is nothing that she can't help with.

Dušan Jovanović

Software Developer

Dušan is responsible for any changes and improvements of our website.

He is also making sure that technical issues are solved quickly.

Alain Aubert

Software Developer

Alain has been working with Remo for more than 15 years and has a broad range of experience.

In addition to his entrepreneurial skills, he actively contributes to our software and works together with Dušan on constantly improving our service.

Milenko Jovanović

Android App Developer

All Samsung, HTC and LG fans can thank Milenko for our awesome Android app.

Step by step the user experience is perfected and improved.

Vladislav Jevremović

iOS App Developer

What would iPhone users do without Vladislav's iOS app?

There would be no barcode scanner and no push notifications. A true blessing that he dedicates himself to the app each and every day.