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1.1. What is Exsila?
Exsila is a movie exchange where you can easily swap your DVDs and Blu-rays with other members. Buyers love the free shipping and magical buying experience. Sellers love that we charge no listing fees and the super-easy listing with just the barcode.
1.2. What are Exsila Points?
Exsila Points are the virtual currency used on Exsila. You obtain Exsila Points by selling your items or by purchasing points from us. The USD price next to listed items equals the price you would have to pay to purchase the needed points from Exsila.
1.3. Can Exsila Points be converted into USD?
Exsila Points cannot be refunded or converted into any official currency and they also cannot be transferred to other member accounts.
1.4. How does the Exsila Guarantee work?
All Exsila members are covered by the Exsila Guarantee. Exsila covers possible losses of members that can occur during a faulty trade. Compensations will be paid solely in Exsila Points.
2.1. Who can become an Exsila member?
In order to become an Exsila member, you must be 18+ years old. You also need to reside within the US and fill out your personal details correctly and completely. Exsila will review your registration and data. Your membership begins with a successful registration.
2.2. How can I verify my age?
Only members who have verified their age successfully can view and purchase items labeled with 18+. You can verify your age in your account under "My Exsila" → "My Settings".
2.3. How do I close my member account?
You have the possibility to end your membership and close your account under "My Exsila" → "My Profile". In order to close your account, you must not have any open trades or any outstanding invoices or fees.
3.1. How do I order an item?
To purchase an item, you need an Exsila member account. The signup is free. When ordering an item, the seller will be notified by email. As soon as you have received the item, you need to confirm item receipt and rate the trade. The purchase price will be credited to the seller and the trade is completed.
3.2. Who pays for shipping?
Shipping fees are always paid by the sender of an item. Under regular circumstances this is the seller. Only if you are returning an item to the seller, you will have to pay for the shipping yourself.
3.3. An ordered item hasn't been shipped for days?
With completing a purchase, a legally binding contract is concluded between buyer and seller. The seller is obligated to ship the item after it has been purchased. 7 days after the purchase, the seller will be reminded by email. 10 days after the purchase, the trade will be cancelled. The buyer receives a full refund.
3.4. I didn't receive an ordered item although it's shipping was confirmed?
If you haven't received the ordered item, and the trade is already in the verification period, then please contact customer service. Keep in mind that the verification period begins 10 days after you have received shipping confirmation. During this perios, Exsila will review the trade.
3.5. The received item is incomplete, faulty or wrong?
Please get in touch with the seller immediately, should you receive a wrong, incomplete or faulty item. Make an effort to find a mutual solution. Possible solutions include having the item replaced or amended, as well as reversing the trade. In case of a trade reversal, you will return the item to the seller, and the purchase price will be refunded to your account. In case you need further support, feel free to can contact Exsila customer service at any given time.
3.6. How do I add items to my wishlist?
You can add items to your wishlist and be notified of price reductions of at least 10 percent. Use the link "Add to wishlist". It can be found on the right side of each article detail screen or on listing views. You can access your wishlist by going to "My Exsila" → "My Wishlist".
3.7. How do I make a price proposal?
If you are interested in a particular item but the price seems a bit too high, you can make a price proposal by using the "Price proposal" link below the "Buy now" button. The seller will be notified by email and has the option to adjust the price. By making a price proposal, the item will be automatically added to your wishlist, and you will be notified by email if the price is reduced by at least 10 percent.
4.1. What does it cost to sell on Exsila?
Listing your items is free of charge. Exsila will charge the seller with a swap fee of 15 percent for each successfully completed trade. This fee will be automatically charged in Exsila Points. These points are deleted from the total supply and ensure that the Exsila economy remains healthy and stable.
4.2. How do I list and sell an item?
In order for you to list an item, the first thing you need is an Exsila member account. Signup is free. You can list items by entering or scanning the barcode or. Once your item is sold, you will be notified by email including all necessary information. As soon as the buyer confirms item receipt, you will receive the selling price minus the swap fee.
4.3. How can I pause my offers?
On "My Exsila" → "My Offers" you have the option to pause your offers. If you pause an offers, it cannot be purchased, but remains in your item list and can be re-activated at any time.
4.4. What must I do when I am on vacation?
Please pause all your offers on "My Exsila" → "My Offers" to prevent possible trade cancellations during your absence. Remember to check the "All Items" option above the item list to make sure that all items are paused and not only certain categories. Don't forget to re-activate your offers after your vacation.
4.5. Why have some of my items been ordered, although I had paused them?
As soon as an item is paused on "My Exsila" → "My Offers", it can no longer be purchased. It's possible that you've only paused a subset of your items. Make sure to select "All items" in the dropdown menu to ensure that all items are paused.
4.6. I missed a sale notification. Do I still have to ship the item?
If shipping isn't confirmed within 10 days, then the trade will be cancelled automatically. As long as the trade has not yet been cancelled, you of course have to ship the item and confirm shipping in your account. If the trade has been cancelled, do not ship the item anymore. Please note: This might lead to a negative rating.
4.7. The buyer is not satisfied with the received item. What now?
Should the buyer not be satisfied with the item, because the item condition is different than described, or because it is incomplete or wrong, he will directly get in touch with you. Make an effort to find a mutual solution. Possible solutions include having the item replaced or amended, as well as reversing the trade. In case of a trade reversal, the buyer will return the item to you, and the purchase price will be refunded to the buyer. In case you need further support, feel free to can contact Exsila customer service at any given time.
5.1. How do I rate a trade?
Basically, there are three criteria for rating a trade: the delivery time, the packaging and the item condition. By rating an item, you publicly evaluate how well the seller has fulfilled his promises. If you happen to receive a damaged item, please check first whether the item might have been damaged upon transport or whether the item was not wrapped well enough by the seller.
5.2. How do I react to transport damage?
The seller is obligated to wrap the item in such a way that a safe delivery is ensured. If the item has been wrapped sufficiently, the seller is not responsible for transport damage. In some cases the postal service has a guarantee for such cases, and may bear part of the cost associated with such damage. For DVDs or Blu-rays we recommend re-using the packaging used by Amazon or similar online shops.
5.3. How do I react to a rating?
If you receive a negative or neutral rating, you have the possibility to leave a comment. This comment gives you the opportunity to present your side of the story, but should be as factual as possible and may not serve a vindicative purpose.
5.4. How is the rating calulated?
The percentage relates to the number of positive ratings. If a member receives 9 positive and 1 negative ratings, the rating will be 90%. The number in brackets shows the total number of ratings. Golden stars will be awarded for 10, 100, 500, 1000 and 5000 ratings.
Example (no sales yet)
Example (10)
Example (50)
Example (100)
Example (300)
Example (500)
Example (750)
Example (1000)
Example (3000)
Example (5000)
Community awards: Badges for selected members
Members who have accomplished something special for Exsila or serve as Exsila helpers, will receive the Exsila Angel badge.
Members whose identity was proven and confirmed with official identification papers will receive the „Identified“-badge.
5.5. How is delivery time calculated?
A member's average delivery time is calculated by considering his 10 most recent sales. The delivery time is defined as the time between the order and item receipt. Sundays as well as same-day hand-offs are excluded.
6.1. How does the Exsila Mailer work?
The Exsila Mailer enables communication between Exsila members without having to reveal personal email addresses. The Exsila Mailer only works with the email address that was used when registering your Exsila account and only supports text messages. Attachments are not supported. Send your message by email to "", and substitute "nickname" with the nickname of the Exsila member you are trying to contact. While the recipient will not be able to see your private email address, he can contact you back through the Exsila Mailer.
6.2. How to use "My Friends"?
„My Friends“ allows creating a friend list as well as a blacklist. Just add a nickname and choose "good" or "bad". Blacklisted members won't be able to purchase any items from you and are not able to contact you through Exsila Mailer.
7.1. I'm having technical issues with the website. I see an error message or a puppy video. What do I do?
Should you see error messages on any of our pages or see the video of a puppy falling of a table, we recommend you first delete all your cookies and temporary internet files. (click here for step-by-step instructions). If this doesn't solve the problem, we recommend you try to use a different internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer or Edge) or try it with another computer or with your phone/tablet. Should the difficulties remain, please contact customer service.